"The paintings have a life of their own.  It is good to have a brand new, clean canvas and anticipate the image to come. The way I paint is slow and layered.  It is a definite process that has its own lifespan."

"Becoming a work of art is a refining experience."
Rochelle started painting at age 13 when her grandmother insisted she take private oil painting lessons.  Growing up in New York there was and still is a great wealth of art resources, especially the museums.  Rochelle's work is popular and she has sold to private and corporate clients.  The style is classical, almost elegant with clear, clean detail and soft blending.

Philosophy of painting

"Paintings are statements about ourselves.  My paintings are an expression of what I see and how I show the viewer what I have seen."
Bellingham Herald Bellingham, Washington, Dec. 12, 2002
Oil Paintings and Portraits by Rochelle Brown