Procedure and Prices
Rochelle usually works from photos; you may provide a suitable existing photo, or Rochelle can travel to your location to have you pose.  It is best to allow a few hours for the photo session.  It is necessary to provide for Rochelle's accomodations and travel arrangements.  Or, if it is convenient, Rochelle will be happy to have you visit and will find a comfortable, local hotel.  Please be prepared to put forth the money necessary. This is the time to pay the downpayment of one third the understood price.

Once the visit and photo session is complete, the painting can begin.  This is a kind of magic in action.  The painting is started with a careful rendering of basic elements of the composition.  Slowly and faithfully the image comes through and develops with each thoughtful stroke.  The brands of paint used are Old Holland, Rembrandt, and Winsor & Newton.  For extra smoothness, the brush is dipped in linseed oil.  When the image is finished and dry to the touch, a spraying of kamar varnish is applied.  In six months, the painting is ready for a coating of Damar permanant varnish.  This will protect the painting but care will always be needed when handling.  Photos of the work will be sent for your final approval.  Upon reciept of the remainder of the payment, your painting is shipped to the location of your choice.

Head and Shoulder view, 16 x 20 in. starts at $3000

Upper Body with Hands, 20 x 24 in. starts at $6000

Three Quarter view, 24 x 36 in.
starts at $8000

Full Body with Background
(Grand Manner) starts at $12,000

Oil Paintings and Portraits by Rochelle Brown